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Types of Applications

  • Evaluations
  • Resolutions
  • Elections
  • Trivia
  • Group Facilitation

Why Use Clickers

  • Studies show that use of an audience response system improves engagement as well as increase knowledge retention
  • Get instant audience feedback on topics being discussed
  • Polling anonymously helps to bring out candid answers from the audience
  • Easily integrated into any powerpoint presentation

What is included?

  • Question Design – Our team of experienced meeting professionals will help you author questions to get the most out of your audience
  • Report Generation – At the end of your event/meeting, we will generate a full data report for analyses
  • On-site Technician – Our technician will handle distribution and collection of the clickers and perform a dry run to make sure the technology will perform without a hitch
  • Participant Management – We will handle assignment of clickers to different groups within audience if needed
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