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Data On The Spot [DOTS] has been working with groups and organizations for the past 12 years managing on-site and on-line elections as well as company surveys.  

If you require an independent firm to run your entire voting event our managed election service is your solution. DOTS voting staff are professional online voting experts and have developed best practices specific to each industry. You can sit back and relax knowing that your election is being completely managed by a neutral party that specializes in online voting. 

How It Works

DOTS will assign a dedicated election consultant to fully manage your voting event. This primary point of contact will work closely with you to ensure that your election is successful and meets your objectives.

DOTS staff will then set up the voting system according to the specifications provided. This generally includes branding the voting website, ballot creation, and preparation of the list of electors. Depending on your requirements, we may also generate unique passwords for each elector, integrate with your organization’s existing authentication method, or schedule mass-emails containing personalized voting instructions and reminders to vote.

Our platform provides all communications in English and French as well as many additional languages.

During the election, DOTS staff will actively monitor the election to ensure that everything is working as intended. The consultant will handle day-to-day election administration and report on mid-election turnout. Following the election, the consultant will deliver the voting results, an audit trail, as well as any other reports required.

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    Clients Said

    • Data on the Spot was an important part of our annual General meeting with the integration of electronic voting. They helped us complete the election of executive in record time. Although there was some trepidation on how the members would respond to using “technology” as a voting tool, the process and outcome were met with enthusiasm. In fact, 84% of the audience said “Excellent” when asked their opinion of the electronic voting procedure.

      Neil Currie General Manager of Ontario Federation of Agriculture
    • The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) has been using the DOTS audience response system at its Spring and Fall General Council Meeting since 2013. Initially, the clickers helped the ODA improve the response rate to meeting and report evaluation measures. Their use was recently expanded to also include voting on resolutions. Based on positive feedback from meeting participants on their ease and comfort of use, the ODA further expanded their function to include elections of Board Members. JP was able to provide various options to accommodate any concerns for security and ensure anonymity of votes. Meeting participants not only enjoy using them, but they offer the organization a tool to accurately record input and save valuable time.
      Tom Magyarody Executive Director and CEO
    • “This brief message sums up the response I have had from many. Thank you for making us look so good! You were all so helpful and approachable that the group was able to get comfortable with the electronic voting and really speeded things up. Everyone was pleased – particularly all the bishops. Great job.”

      The Rev. Canon Elizabeth J. Hardy Chief Administrative Officer & Secretary of Synod Incorporated Synod of the Diocese of Toronto
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