Data On The Spot [DOTS] has been working with groups and organizations for the past 12 years managing on-site and on-line elections as well as company surveys.

If you require an independent firm to run your entire voting event our managed election service is your solution. DOTS voting staff are professional online voting experts and have developed best practices specific to each industry. You can sit back and relax knowing that your election is being completely managed by a neutral party that specializes in online voting.

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This virtual meeting world may be new to some so our team will do everything on our part to make sure your org team and your members feel supported and ready for a smooth online voting experience.

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We have worked with a diverse group of organization. Check our testimonials to read about our happy clients.

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We execute seamless online voting for your upcoming virtual meeting. Check out our Customized Solutions to learn more about our packages.



What our customers are saying about us

Thank you for checking in with us and we also feel your team did well. One of the learnings that resonated with us was that your company was not just about the technology. Rather you understand the decision-making process and the fluidity that can present itself and being able to adjust with the ‘room’. We take great pride in the organization of our annual general meeting and our councillors, executive and staff expect a high quality and professional experience. Moving to a virtual format for us presents many challenges but the requirements we had provided you will assist us in creating an experience that is as close to our traditions as possible and we believe your company can help us to achieve our expectations for our meeting. For this reason, I am pleased to let you know that we would like to use your services and expertise for our Annual Meeting of Council 2020 in October. Our team and I look forward to working with you.

Scott Burant

We have worked with J.P. and the DOTS team for more than 4 years for all our electronic voting needs. Recently, we conducted the association’s first online voting event with their help. Despite some reservations about how the online voting process would work the event went smoothly and saved our association valuable time and money. We will use this format again in the future. I can say without hesitation that the level of service we have received from DOTS to date has been nothing short of fantastic. I would recommend DOTS to any organization, big or small, looking for online or in-person electronic voting services.

Richard Horne

We have just finished our 7th year using DOTS electronic voting services for elections, resolutions and amendments at our Annual General Meeting. Their contribution is vital; the voting is efficient, accurate and overwhelmingly accepted by our membership. They simply never disappoint with their provide services.

Donna Belbin