There are numerous benefits clickers offer, not only for the audience but as well as for presenters. Some examples of the benefits are;

  •         Improve attentiveness
  •         Increase knowledge retention
  •         Display polling results immediately
  •         Poll anonymously
  •         Create an interactive and fun learning environment
  •         Track individual responses
  •         Gather data for reporting and analysis

Some examples includes;

  • Paperless evaluation
  • Corporate training
  • Delegate voting
  • Public consultation
  • Market research
  • Strategic planning
  • Decision support
  • Trivia
  • Executive decision making

Our software runs on Microsoft Powerpoint. If you have experience with PowerPoint and know how to add a new slide, you already know how to create a polling questions.

This is one of our most Frequently Asked Question so the response is broken down into three main points.

  • Many cell phone polling systems require the users to download an app or use data to transmit their responses. Depending on your audience this could be expensive (anyone outside of their roaming area). Another consideration is the internet bandwidth in a room which typically slows down considerably when there are a lot of people on it.
  • The clicker system can gather and display 1000 responses in 20 seconds. Transmitting the data through an app or text can take 3 or 4 times longer. This makes a difference to the engagement level from both the presenter and audience.
  • Asking an audience to actively use their device during the presentation opens up an opportunity for the audience to disengage.

Yes. Clickers will increase efficiency of the voting process. Here are the advantages of paper based voting.

  • Eliminates possibility spoiled ballots.
  • Instantly perform run-off elections
  • Electronic tabulation eliminates need to recount and the possibility of human error
  • 0 paper consumption
  • Instantly add nomination from the floor

Following is the list of measures to ensure accuracy.

  • Electronic voting leave an audit trail
  • Clickers are tested prior to event for accuracy
  • Clickers operate on a proprietary channel eliminating chance of interference
  • Our clicker technology has been used in high stakes environment including elections, testing, and resolution

Yes. DOTS has established strategic partnership with Canadian based online voting company. Details available on request.

Yes! We have created a service called Dots In A Box for this exact purpose. Click here to learn more.

Yes, we have clients all over the world. Both our Dots In A Box package as well as our full service packages are available anywhere around the world.

Yes, we offer the ability to poll remotely. There are couple different methods we use to accomplish this and you can find out more about by contacting us by clicking here.

Yes. You have the ability to attach any MP3 files to question slides in your presentation. You can have one track for all your questions, or different tracks for individual questions.

Yes. You can embed images into your question slides as you would on any normal powerpoint slide.

Our hardware uses a proprietary channel 2.4GHz spectrum to communicate and it will not interfere with other technologies in a given room.

We have many customers in Canada that deliver their events in both official languages. In fact, you can poll in any languages that are support by Microsoft Office.

We offer two types of receivers, short range and long range.
Short range will offer up to 200-foot range with hardware capacity of 1000 clickers.
Long range will work up to 350-foot range.
Although these are documented specs for the receivers, we have done events in much larger venues by elevating the receiver.

  • If you are running Microsoft Office 2013, you should use TurningPoint version 5.x
  • If you are running Microsoft Office 2010 or older, you should use either TurningPoint version 4.x or 5.x